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What should an ideal Salesforce org look like?

Overall, an ideal Salesforce org is built on top of a single foundation: that Salesforce is THE source of truth.

Another way successful companies drive continuous adoption is by adopting the mantra “if it didn’t happen in Salesforce it didn’t happen at all.” You’ll know this mantra is adopted when you hear your team say this to each other without any prompting.

How will you know you have the ideal Salesforce org implemented?

  • An ideal org also has users logging in daily and editing records in real-time to reflect new information. You should be automating repetitive common tasks like data collection, communication logging, alerts to stakeholders, etc.
  • An ideal org has strong data quality (including good data hygiene, low/no spam leads, low/no duplicate records, and highly enforced key fields).
  • An ideal org also has a well-designed user experience that can potentially include UI enhancements or productivity boosters found in the AppExchange.
  • An ideal org is easy to report on and find useful, actionable data. This should allow you to run nearly all of your sales meetings out of Salesforce. This should also allow you to provide reports and dashboards that are useful to users that they will want to incorporate into their daily workflow.
  • An ideal org has mobile-friendly access for easy access to accounts and contacts.
  • An ideal org has a knowledge base to provide a treasure trove of information to share and leverage.