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An elite team of certified Salesforce experts

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You’ve Chosen Salesforce

Now it’s time to realize maximum ROI and business processes without upending your organization or prevailing infrastructure.



Cloud Pathfinder Consulting’s elite team of certified Salesforce experts can squeeze every drop of value from the entire lifetime of your Salesforce investment — from customized configuration and deployment to long-term support as your business grows and changes.

Our strength comes from the expertise, professionalism, and commitment of our consultants to the success of our customers. The same experts who assess your needs on day one will see your mission to completion.


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Cloud Pathfinder Consulting has helped more than 100 clients maximize the efficiencies and ROI of their Salesforce implementation since our founding in 2017. To optimize efficiencies and maximize ROI, we identify your organization’s specific needs, determine the business and technology requirements, and execute the project to ensure completion on time and on budget.

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Not Just Another Salesforce Partner


Proud recipient of the Salesforce Ventures Impact Fund.


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90% of our consultants are U.S. veterans.

CEO on the Merivis board of directors.


Deep Salesforce ecosystem connections.

Speaking roles at Dreamforce



Is Now

AI and other emerging technologies are accelerating innovation across all industries —and business-critical applications like your Salesforce implementation.

Cloud Pathfinder Consulting can use these new technologies to automate and optimize Salesforce, improving both productivity and profits.

Specializing In Vertical Solutions

Companies across a wide range of verticals rely on Salesforce and all want to use it to the fullest. Our elite Salesforce consultants can help clients in specific verticals, including the public sector, higher education and manufacturing, to optimize their salesforce implementations. We have exceptional experience in these markets and are well versed in their best practices.