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Four signs you’ve chosen the right implementation partner

You’ve gotten leadership buy-in (and budget!). You’ve mapped your workflow. Even your sales team is ready to give Salesforce a try.

Now what?

Ensuring that you will be able to maximize Salesforce to help you meet your company’s ambitious goals starts with finding a trusted Salesforce Implementation consultant. Their years of implementation experience mean they know which questions to ask you and your stakeholders to capture the heart of your sales process and seamlessly translate that into the customizable features and tools Salesforce offers. Plus, they will have the expertise and experience to know which features to include in your build – and provide a roadmap for future add-ons and team training as you grow. 

How do you know you’ve found the right Salesforce implementation consultant for your business?

They aren’t hunting for quick fixes.

Salesforce can go from seamless to fully bloated in a hurry when you start adding too many shortcuts and bandaids to your workflow. A good implementation partner will begin by digging into your sales process and staying laser-focused on a build for efficiency and scalability. They will have the breadth of SF experience to find solutions that optimize and automate your business processes, meets your requirements, and fulfill your needs. 

They ask the right questions.

Salesforce consultants come with years of industry and technology experience. They are focused on developing and configuring your build to the design specifications and functionality your company needs to scale. While you’re the expert on your sales process, your SF consultant should be asking you more in-depth questions about your workflow and critical KPIs to tailor your build to be perfectly suited to your business needs.

They measure twice and cut once.

Your SI partner should be focused on solutions that truly address the pain points in your current business processes. This means they are willing and able to be thorough and patient during every part of the onboarding experience. Their in-depth discovery process and detailed statement of work demonstrate that they understand what solutions your business is hoping to see from Salesforce. They are at the ready with explanations and guidance and take the time to build trust, together.

You build a lasting relationship with them.

The best CRM in the world won’t deliver on its promised ROI if no one uses it. Your implementation partner should work with you and your team to develop the training and onboarding best practices. Delivery of the final build should make users and SF Admins feel supported as they go through their daily workflow and increase internal adoption. 

Above all, a good Salesforce implementation consultant can take your workflows, processes, and goals and turn them into the recipe for a lean, efficient Salesforce build designed to propel exponential growth. The best SI partner combines a deep understanding of your business and your business goals with the technical expertise to help you use Salesforce to reach them.

Looking for additional training and resources?

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