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Now Streaming: The RevOps Review

We’re excited to launch our new podcast: The RevOps Review!

Our founder, Jesse Grothaus, hosts conversations with Sales and Revenue Operations leaders from a variety of industries about the operations behind revenue teams in a hyper-growth world. We bring the breadth and depth of our experience to curate conversations around RevOps challenges, solutions to common problems, and the career paths that lead to leadership roles.

We believe in the power of RevOps to magnify a company’s growth – and how important it is to build this part of your company the right way. Our conversations explore the unique challenges of this new and emerging area of business and help you learn from what works (and what didn’t).

Episode 1: Nick Taylor, Senior Manager of Sales Operations at Crocs.

We’re diving right in with our first episode featuring Nick Taylor, Senior Manager of Sales Operations at Crocs.

Nick is an Account Executive turned operator whose passion lies in the outdoor industry. He leverages his sales experience in the Sales Operations world to help better serve the team servicing our customers directly. Through streamlining processes across functions, building focused reporting, integrating systems, and aligning internal teams, Nick and his team stay busy working hard to help their sales team scale.

Nick brings a wealth of sales experience and we’ll be focusing on his experience starting a SalesOps role from scratch. Listen in to learn about his path and some of the best practices you need to start one in your company.

You can subscribe & listen to the RevOps Review on your favorite podcast platform (Spotify or Apple Podcasts) or listen and download it directly here.

A final note:

A few months back, we asked ourselves, what’s the number one problem we typically solved as Salesforce consultants?

We discovered a clear trend across hundreds of completed projects: low Salesforce adoption.

Solving Salesforce adoption challenges is essential, NOT just to help get a better ROI out of your licenses, but because low adoption causes lost sales. In a low adoption environment, information slips through the cracks, and a well-organized competitor is right there to steal your deal away. We’ve curated our successes, methodologies, and resources (built from the work we’ve done across countless Salesforce projects) to help you tackle your company’s Salesforce adoption roadblocks and compiled it into a free Increasing Adoption email course.

If you’re in sales/revenue ops and Salesforce adoption issues have given you a headache in the last 30 days, sign up for our free course here.