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Common SAAS CRM Roadblocks

Feeling like your current CRM is holding you back from scaling? You’re not alone. A poorly implemented or outgrown CRM can prevent your sales team from performing and delivering at their highest level. It can be next to impossible in a fast-paced sales environment to address all the possible issues with your CRM, leading to more headaches and lower sales team adoption.

We’ve worked with dozens of SAAS companies trying to scale quickly and beat new competitors and found the 4 Common SAAS CRM Roadblocks that happen when you find solutions that really… aren’t ones.

You migrated from an entry-level CRM to Salesforce; now what?

Good news! You got buy-in from your executive team to move from your first CRM to Salesforce. You got it up and running (amid your other daily projects), and you were able to track and manage your sales team’s data. Things seemed pretty great until you tripled the size of your sales team, and now everything seems to be broken. Now, adoption levels have cratered, and you’re stumped about what to do next.

You made some quick fixes to Salesforce.

You went from out-of-the-box installation to “I think this can get added on here” while managing a sales team. As you scaled, you had to add duct-taped fixes to meet the growing needs of your team and company. Faced with a clunky UI and ever-changing workarounds, your reps are starting to question if this is really the last CRM they will ever use or if next month you’ll be asking them to change, again.

Your Sales Reps are frustrated.

Not only are they frustrated with the quick fixes and workarounds you’ve tried to implement, but they also have no idea why you’re interrupting their workflow to ask them to log more data. Manual and duplicate entries are taking too much time in their days, and they are pushing back hard on the idea that this is a net positive for your business.

You bought the next greatest iteration; now what?

You finally upgraded your CRM, and now the UI looks different, and you’re totally stumped. What you thought was going to be a game-changer for your productivity now has you hunting for the save button on every screen.

Where do you go from here?

Good news! While these commons SAAS CRM roadblocks can lead to sleepless nights, we’ve helped dozens of sales and sales ops leaders get back on track. By focusing on designing a proper implementation that allows for scale, optimizing Salesforce for your sales workflow, and by cleanly integrating other applications into Salesforce, we work to address your biggest Salesforce headaches to power explosive sales growth.

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