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Cross Vertical Expertise

Salesforce Powers Success Across a Range of Verticals

Cloud Pathfinder Consulting's elite Salesforce experts thrive on vertical market challenges.


Our team has exceptional experience in developing Salesforce solutions in a variety of verticals, including high tech, SaaS, and manufacturing. This, combined with our thorough understanding of industry best practices, makes us an ideal partner for those looking for cost reductions and operational efficiencies.


"Manufacturing sales teams that
successfully make buying easier are
actually 62 percent more likely to win a sale."
- Harvard Business Review


Manufacturing sales reps are expected to help clients navigate complex, highly-considered purchases.


Manufacturing companies face their own unique challenges. Sales reps need to deliver what they promise. Production requires the flexibility to "turn on a dime"—scaling output to match shifting customer demand. Overruns and warehousing wreak havoc on the bottom line.

CPC consultants custom-design and implement manufacturing solutions around Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud—a single-view dashboard empowering sales, production and back-office teams to align their resources, as well as accurately forecast customer demand—keeping their operations on target, all the time.


Why Did Airbus Deploy Salesforce as Part
of its Digital Transformation?

For the same reason you should: to deliver a modern,
connected experience which mass produces customer success.

What You Can Achieve

Improved Engagement


Address service inquiries, engage buyers, close more deals, and open more revenue growth opportunities.

Greater Transparency


Give service agents and field technicians a 360-degree customer view and data on warranties and entitlements.

Smarter Service


Dispatch the right technician for the job, with Sales Cloud intelligent scheduler and boost your first-time fix rate.

Elevated Experience


Streamline parts distribution by transforming the purchasing process into a powerful experience.

Centralized View


Unify your business experience with sales agreements, orders, contracts, and opportunities.

Granular Customization


Tailor product mixes, pricing agreements, and contracts to customers' specific needs.

Forecasting Accuracy


Use account-based forecasting capabilities to get insight into your quantity and revenue projections.

Greater Value


Deliver friction-free service and warranty experiences that boost confidence in your products.

Precise Reporting


Keep track of your planned and actual product and revenues.

Are You a Public
Agency Looking for
Salesforce Consulting?

Federal, state and municipal government agencies are discovering the benefits of integrating Salesforce into their core operations—from improving transparency and promoting citizen engagement to faster processing of permits and maintenance requests. Cloud Pathfinder Consulting has enabled its public sector to unlock the full potential of Salesforce.